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Zoltán - Black and grey
Black and grey tattoos are generally believed to
have originated within prison systems, where
inmates had no access to colored ink. The technique
was brought to mainstream tattoo shops by Jack
Rudy and his mentor, Charlie Cartwright. They
perfected a single-needle tattoo machine to produce
highly realistic shading in their tattoo designs. This
technique works well for portraiture. Black and grey
is a style of tattooing that uses only black ink in
varying shades and typically uses a single needle.
This tattooing style is thought to have originated
from prisons in the 1970s and 1980s and was later
popularized in tattoo parlors.Typically, black and
grey tattoo work is produced by diluting the black
ink with distilled water in varying proportions to
create a "wash" that results in lighter shades. Gray
shades can also be produced by mixing small
amounts of black ink with white ink, which produces
a thicker but brighter result and requires a slower
application. Shading is typically an important
component for these types of tattoos as they will
fade over a period of years without strong black
tones, which provide contrast and allows the tattoo
to stand out. Subtle kinds of shading in black and
grey are considered to require a high level of skill
and illustrates professionalism in the industry.
These designs are usually portraits or landscapes
that mimic the fine detail of a photograph. Mostly
they are done in black and white as it takes a
master tattoo artist to emulate images in colors.
Sometimes this style is also called photo-realism.

Mit dem Tattoo Stil Black and grey und Realistic
werden in der Regel Portraits, manchmal auch
Natur Motive tätowiert. Sie sollen so aussehen,
als habe man sie fotografiert, also realistisch.
Beim Realistic Stil sind die Vorlagen für das
Tattoo meist Fotos von Personen oder Haustieren.
Der Hauptaugenmerk liegt dabei auf FOTOS.
Diesbezüglich gibt der Begriff Realistic bereits
preis, dass diese Stil-Richtung eine Tätowierung
verlangt, die einem Foto so ähnlich
nachgestochen werden soll, dass es realistisch
(realistic) erscheint. Um ein Foto realistisch zu
tätowieren muss ein Tätowierer über enorme
Kenntnisse, aktive Erfahrung und eine riesige
Menge Talent verfügen, denn alle Konturen bis
hin zu feinsten Schattierungen müssen genau
übernommen werden. Realistic Tattoos werden
meist in Black and Grey gestochen, natürlich
sind sie auch in Farbe möglich.
Ausgewählte Werke von Zoltán - Black and grey.

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